Dermagist Instant-effect Lifting Serum

dermagist instant lifting serum

Facts and Instructions:

– Each bottle is approximately, a 45 Day Supply.
– You apply the serum twice daily, once in the morning and once before bed. Be sure it is fully absorbed before applying makeup or other skin care products afterward.

We all have heard of instant lifting serums that tighten the skin.   99% of them apply a film to the skin that dries and shrinks up, which gives them the lifting effect.   The problem is that it’s uncomfortable, and is sticky and messy.    Also, they provide no long-term benefit of moisture and wrinkle-fighting the skin.

That is where Dermagist did things differently.   This lifting product has NO filmy feeling to it.  Also, it provides long term benefit to wrinkles, so you are actually treating the wrinkles, while you are lifting them.

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